Dear white america…



Shut up and listen. I bet, you think this post is about you but it’s not. It’s about him, his work and continuing the impact of his community change. It’s about you not being offended when we bring up race and it never seems to be a “good time” for you. The deep breath, the eye roll, the mentioning of the race card won’t work here this time. There are far too many of us dying at the expense of your nonchalant demeanor, willingness to listen and lack of empathy to walk a day in our shoes.

Try, imagine walking a day in the life of an activist who believes in a movement that is bigger than himself. We lost one of our soldiers today. Rest in peace to Black Lives Matter Activist MarShawn McCarrel who was a creative, community organizer and servant leader. A 23 year old who believed in a future where black women and men don’t count the numbers of breaths they are alive but the breathtaking moments. Where we can live, unapologetically, carefree and in a just society where the black or brown body isn’t the target.

I hope to continue your work in great spirits, promise to self-reflect and express the darkness tugging at my humanity and to put my health first.

I’d like to dedicate this poem to you, MarShawn.

Here’s Danez Smith- Dear White America


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