Before slay, on fleek, there was…


Today, between folks calling Cam immature, detached, boy and unsportsmanlike… Folks having opinions about what Beyonce does with her body, platform and target audience… It was a day of battle, unfriending folks and clapping back at migroaggressions and blatant racist shit. I’m pretty sure 2016 will go down as the most unapologetically black year in history.  February will be renamed Clapback Season as it has created the climate of what we will and will not accept. And ladies and gentlemen, bullshit is not one of them.

In 1997, there was finger waves, baggy clothes, gold glitter eye shadow, lip liner and black girl magic clothed in a trash bag. I sort of randomly fell into this Missy Elliot vibe so, here you go. Before slay, on fleek, fresh or whatever, there was supa dupa fly. That’s exactly how I’m feeling about my people, my niggas, negros, blacks, black folk, African Americans’ nem.

Missy Elliot- “The Rain”.


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