Black History Month: Day Four


Today’s my mom’s birthday.

A mother somewhere is breast feeding in public.

A group of female college students’ menstrual cycles have “synced up.”

A little girl just got her period and is embarrassed and confused.

A teenager is rolling her eyes because her mother is awkwardly giving her “the talk.”

It’s thirsty Thursday and four college girls are sharing one mirror in their suite style dorm.

There’s a girl daydreaming about her first kiss and wondering if she’ll get pregnant.

A curious teenager is searching google to inform her about her anatomy.

She’s ashamed of her body.

She thinks of it traitor.

Somewhere, a girl is having mood swings, craving chocolate and sensitive to the wind’s touch.

Somewhere a girl just wants to be a girl in a world that doesn’t treat her as the lesser sex, gender, person.

Somewhere, women want to be more than their genitals.

Here’s a dope ass poem by Dominique Christina- “Period Poem”.


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