The Thirteenth Day of June

I don’t know where to start. But maybe that will have to suffice as an introduction until I can unveil the full extent of how you captured my heart. When I met you, I told myself I wasn’t ready to fall in love. I was still licking past wounds and I wanted to be selfish for once in my life. You know, “disregard females and acquire currency.” I was hurt and at that point, I was willing to manipulate the feelings of anyone who thought they were interested in me to alleviate my heart. Hurt people do hurt people and although I was, I couldn’t allow myself to hurt someone else. I knew pain a little too well–it dwelled under my eyelids every night.

In June, everything changed. When I arrived to work, you were there unexpectedly. I remembered you from history class and you were always dressed to kill. Everybody knew or knew of Janessa Dennis. Your presence spoke before your lips ever parted to greet me. Honestly, I didn’t think we’d connect as quickly and naturally as we did. You looked at me with those “tell me your deepest secrets” eyes and I did absentmindedly. I instantly trusted you which is amazing considering the timing. Obviously I’m bad with reading signals because I missed all of your nonverbal communication except for that bump in the hall way. Even then I thought that was a mistake. Less than a week, I was wrapped around your newly vacant engagement finger. And when I jokingly asked what’s your social security number you told me—the beginning of ultimate trust and reciprocity.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to that summer, rewrite our story and google the distance between Cross and Sumter. I imagine we would have been inseparable on those hot summer nights. We stayed on the phone until the sun awoke from her midnight slumber. I’d tell you about my latest adventures and you’d listen, laugh and provide experience feedback. After two weeks, I already memorized your number in case my phone died. I voluntarily checked in before we were official. I remember the day I couldn’t get in contact with you. It was when I offered to pay your cell phone bill I realized my dependence on you. Flashback: one of my favorite moments from that summer was our breakfast date with chocolate muffins and coke filled with high fructose corn syrup. We shocked the world didn’t we? It was the start of a beautiful thing. I’m glad we were oblivious to our distance, we waited for our first kiss and it was like waiting for Lil Wayne’s Sorry 4 the Wait.

God bless the day you were born. I’m thankful for James and Vanessa for creating the love of my life. I’m thankful for Dr. McConnell’s history class, for that one summer when we were camp counselors together, for my instrumental camper who seamlessly brought us together and for your continuous love after a year and a half. All I have is time and I’d love nothing more than to spend the rest of it with you.



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