Love and Marriage: the MRS Degree

Collaborative post with the beautiful Janessa E. Dennis.. if this post gets good feedback we’ll hopefully do more in the future..

In peace,

Sincerely, Stoic

I had the privilege of sharing this blog post with my very best friend and biggest inspiration to write. Often times we talk in great depth about issues that we witness consistency. We finally decided to put our thoughts in its proper format. Red represents SaShay’s wisdom and blue represents my ranting. We hope you enjoy.

When I was a little girl I never dreamed of my perfect wedding. I never thought of who would be my bridesmaids, what the colors of my wedding would be, what type of dress I would wear or any other meticulous details. I almost felt guilty that my slumber wasn’t interrupted by these enlightened epiphanies of something I never gave a second thought while awake. There’s a certain age where “girl talk” centralizes around what type of guy you want to marry, the early planning of your inevitable wedding and how many kids will you have. I…

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