Top 5 THINGS on my mind as college senior

  1. Going back home is NOT an option.

I love my Ma and my little brother, and this is evident in everything I do but I refuse to be a recently college degree obtaining 22 year old living off of her. I know she would gratefully open her heart and home for me but it’s time to be a big girl. I didn’t go to college to end up right back where I started. I’m making a mental eviction notice (and I’m not even home) on how long I have to get myself together after I graduate in May 2015.

  1. … but I don’t want to be homeless.

I’m not high maintenance or a diva in any definition of the word. I’m accustomed to a little struggle because it has contributed to my development. My experiences motivate me to do better and want more than what I was offered. With that being said, I don’t fear living in a microscopic studio apartment with my significant other and living on a budget because I know it will be only temporary. Living modestly has never been a struggle for me to cope with because the result is humility and appreciation.

  1. How soon will they start asking for reimbursement again?

If the bill collectors call me before I am financially stable, in my best automated response voice I’ll say, “The number you have reached is not in service.” If they keep calling I’ll just have to press charges for harassment.

  1. What will this Bachelor’S Degree really be worth?

After spending your college experience crafting opportunities that will make you stand out from hundreds, thousands, even millions of applicants, I still ponder this question. Those late night cram sessions, 15 minute naps because you pulled an all-nighter and the morning greets you like a guest who arrived way before you expected.  The countless hours you spent worrying about an assignment, project or exam and the actual hour, after procrastinating you allotted to it. The great internship opportunities, presentations decorating your resume and an employer not taking the time to see the bigger picture. No matter what, it was worth it. (I tell myself)

  1. Workforce or Graduate School?

Personally, I’d love to go to graduate school first for my Master’s. I know it would be an amazing credential especially with the knowledge and experience I’d gain. If not graduate school then straight into the workforce of my desired field of nonprofit. No matter which route I take, working with a nonprofit organization is one of my destinations. This is not an ultimatum; there are many other opportunities besides these standard routes like Teach for America, City- Year and more on my radar. No matter where I’m going after graduation, its impact will shape my experience forever.

“Don’t let your ascribed status dictate your achieved status.” -SB

*PLEASE, feel free to comment below any other things that is on your mind as a college senior.


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