To be a Groupie or Not to Be?

If you haven’t seen Teddy Amstone’s video, “How to Meet a Celebrity” on YouTube do so now. Watch the video and come back and read the blog. Teddy Amstone outlines 6 steps on how to meet a celebrity. I will use those steps as a prompt for this week’s post.

1. Stalk their social media. Well, I didn’t follow him on Instagram until I saw him but I did do some research on his Manisfest Your Destiny Foundation. He spoke highly of it which made him appear more human and less of the stereotypical personalities’ associated with celebrities. I’m pretty sure if my mother had an Instagram account she would stalk him. Especially since she sounded like a school girl when I told her the news of me meeting her man crush forever, Dr. Sheldon Hawkins. If she ever met him face to face, he’d need a doctor after their encounter.

2. Save money for the event. Since this celebrity was at the Raise Up Event at the John F. Kennedy Center’s Millineum Stage, it was free. Also, my amazing internship with Split This Rock and my involvement with the DC Youth Slam team, I was able to meet him back stage.

3. Slow approach, not “fan girl.” So, throughout my peripheral vision, I saw him walk by three times. Then I asked myself, “Self?” and myself replied, “Huh?” “That’s Hill Harper.” Indeed it was, just like the event promoted his appearance he was there in the flesh. Since I had watched him pass on three separate occasions, I almost let the moment past. Then I remembered, I attend an expensive liberal arts institution and if I don’t remember anything they taught me, it’s the four C’s of leadership development: courage, commitment, confidence and competent. I needed a couple extra C’s too but I casually walked up to him.

4. When you meet them take selfies. My attention-getter was, “Can I be a total groupie and ask for a picture?” With a smile, he obliged. My mother is the real groupie, I did it for my momma and I proceeded with conversation asking him how frequently he gives back. He mentioned his Manifest Your Destiny Foundation. He asked about my affiliation with the event and I informed him I am an intern with Split This Rock. And the amazing slam poets he just saw walk off of the stage, the DC Youth Slam Team, I have the privilege of working with some of the most inspirational students in the DMV. When he asked if there is anything he could do to help, my elevator speech kicks in and I go in. I mean, like all the way in.

5. If you can hug them, kiss them. No thanks, I value my persona space and others, but sharing oxygen with a celebrity to take a selfie; priceless.

6. Leave and never return. I have successfully completed the steps on “How to Meet a Celebrity.” I had the opportunity to introduce Mr. Harper to one of the Youth Programs’ teaching artist and author, Pages Matam. If Mr. Harper contacts the organization, if he doesn’t, I am still proud of the risk I took. I accomplished my personal goal and that elevator speech really came in hand. But in all major shout out to my mother for loving her some Hill Harper because it never fails, she’s always my primary motivator.

Hill Harper and I at Raise Up


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