Halley’s Comet

After midnight
The night is still young
A song is being sung off the lips of another’s lover
Under covers
With another brother
Or sister.
Call her ma’am or call him mister.
I kiss the lips of my own shooting star
So rare, she appears to be a comet.
Pointing away from the sun to disregard the shine
Leaving a trail of forgotten particles behind.
It was relinquished because of me.
2 o’clock in the morning, it’s something I have to see
With the naked eye
To try
To view what you’re looking at through my own peripheral
In a high electrical orbit your body is so celestial
And all I want is to be next to you.
This connection is astronomical
I desire to be near you in the physical
Magic in your fingertips like Colbie Callait would say.
I’d love to create an orbit of love around your standpoint
To verify that your love has surpassed the mark on numerous occasions
And when I say this, your dark eyes remind me of the midnight hours
Where things of the light are forbidden.
The stars in your eyes are imprisoned by their dark surroundings,
Like an animal trying to escape a cage,
Finding your focus in between serenity and rage.
Your stage is the solar system
I’m ecstatic to be the only shining star shining with you.



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